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Mao has captivated audiences across the globe with his engaging stage presence and unique artistic vision.

Inspired By Passion
"Every African story has a lesson to teach, and when told well, it has the power to inspire, educate and entertain."
I believe that by working together, we can combine our unique strengths and perspectives to tackle complex social issues and drive meaningful impact.
Artist & Social entrepreneur

If you are seeking a talented storyteller to captivate and entertain young students, look no further! I am available to bring joy and excitement to classrooms through my engaging narrations, accompanied by lively music and captivating performances. I specialize in sharing a variety of African stories that are sure to spark the imagination of children of all ages.

To facilitate booking, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone. I am eager to collaborate with you in providing an unforgettable experience for students, filled with the wonder and magic of storytelling. Let us work together to create a memorable event that will leave a lasting impression on your students and inspire them to explore the world of literature and the arts.


Through the art of storytelling, we have the power to transmit the timeless messages and wisdom of our ancestors from one generation to the next.

Keep the tradition alive

By passing on the stories of our ancestors, we can preserve their legacy and ensure that their wisdom and values continue to inspire and guide us in our lives today.


Event testimonials

Afro-Rytmix, is a pan-African ensemble with musicians from six countries, where the unifying factor is the different rhythms that in interaction lead to a cultural fusion under a shimmer of Swedish folk tone. All musicians live in Sweden and they will play both new compositions and well-known earrings from African music history. Expect an insane groove!
09 May 19:00
With song, dance and music, actor Mao Zybamba and musician Lamine Cissokho play out an interactive story where we get to join in and sing and clap rhythms. We also get to know several traditional instruments from West Africa such as kora, djembe and doudoun.
Sigtuna kommun
Mao Zybamba is a nurse at Ystad's hospital. He is also a musician. On Friday afternoon, he played together with the troubadour Ivar Sjögren in the hospital's atrium garden, an encouragement to the healthcare staff in corona times.
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