Mao Zybamba is a Burkinabe artist and social entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in Sweden, where he currently resides. He is a musician, storyteller, and cultural ambassador who uses his art to promote African culture and bring people together.

One of Mao’s recent projects is a children’s theater performance called “The Unexpected Guests,” which received state cultural support in Sweden. The musical theater performance is set to premiere in October and aims to entertain and educate children about African culture.

Mao has also started cultural evenings at Ragnar Pers, a community center in Gärsnäs, Sweden. These evenings bring together people of different backgrounds to enjoy fairy tales, music, and community. Through these events, Mao promotes cultural exchange and understanding.

In addition to his artistic endeavors, Mao is also involved in social entrepreneurship. He co-founded a social enterprise called “Solsidan” that provides training and employment opportunities for immigrants and refugees in Sweden. The enterprise aims to empower people and create a more inclusive society.

Mao’s work has been recognized and appreciated by various organizations and media outlets. For instance, the Baobab festival, which aims to raise funds for schools in Guinea, featured Mao’s music in 2010. He has also been featured in Afriyelba, a website that promotes Burkinabe and African culture.

Overall, Mao Zybamba is an artist and social entrepreneur who uses his talent and passion to promote cultural exchange and understanding. Through his music, storytelling, and social entrepreneurship, he inspires and empowers people to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.